Page 1: Abstract submission guide for the Ambulance Leadership Forum Conference on the 8th March 2022

Closing Date: Monday 6th December 2021 at 12.00 (GMT)

Can I make a submission? The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) invites abstract submissions to present at the Ambulance Leadership Forum being held at Jurys Inn, Hinckley Island, Leicestershire on the 8th March 2022.

The organisers are seeking to select 5 papers to be delivered by the authors to the conference.  The presentations need to relate to service delivery and/or leadership within ambulance services and/or the paramedic profession. The presentation should be evidence based, preferably drawn from applicants’ work, for example, in research or service evaluation or quality improvement or audit or service improvement initiatives. Successful applicants will also need to produce a poster about their work to be displayed throughout the event.


Do I have to pay? There is no fee for making a submission. If your submission is accepted for a presentation, then you will be required to attend the Forum.





Abstract submission open

4th October 2021

Deadline for abstract submission

6th December 2021 at 12.00 (GMT)

Authors notified

Friday 15th December 2021



Submitting an abstract

A. Important Information

  • Submissions to present an oral presentation must be submitted through this portal.
  •  Images are not allowed as part of the abstract submission.


B. Preparation of Your Submission

  • A “blind” selection process will be used. No identifying features such as names of employer, education institutions or cities may be listed in the title or main text of the submission. Do not include the names of authors in the abstract itself. The names of authors should be included on the submission template, and will be removed before the submission is sent onto the reviewing team.
  • Presentations which have been presented to a substantially different audience, especially an international one, may still be submitted for consideration.
  • The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the study.

 Special considerations:

  1. Submissions based on original research should state briefly and clearly the background and aim(s), methods, results and conclusions of the work. The maximum word count is 450 words (not including the title) plus you need to include further information (maximum of an additional 50 words) as to why the content is relevant to service delivery and organisation and/or leadership in ambulance Trusts and/or the paramedic profession in wider settings. You need to use the following headings please: 
  • Background and Aim(s): Clearly state the purpose of the study and why this is an issue in healthcare
  • Methods: Describe your approach to the research clearly identifying the design
  • Results/Discussion: Present your data in a logical sequence and discuss the key findings/results
  • Conclusion and recommendations/implications for the profession: Clearly state the conclusion(s) of your study and identify key factors and/or recommendations relevant to the profession/practice/healthcare.


2.  For other types of submissions you need to use the following subheadings please plus you need to include further information (maximum of an additional 50 words) as to why the content is relevant to service delivery and organisation and/or leadership in ambulance Trusts and/or the Paramedic profession in wider settings.:

  • Introduction: Background and context to your work
  • Purpose / Aim(s) : Clearly state the purpose and aims of your activity
  • Identification of relevant outcomes: Outline what the key outcomes of your work have been
  • Relevance/recommendations to the paramedic profession/practice/healthcare : Outline how this is relevant to the profession/healthcare/practice and any recommendations that you have
  • Implications for the paramedic profession/practice/healthcare: Tell us what the specific implications of the work have been in relation to the paramedic profession/practice/healthcare


C. The Submission Process

Deadline for Submission:  Monday 6th December 2021 at 12.00 (GMT)


Please ensure that you check your abstract carefully before submitting to ensure it is the final version. Changes will not be permitted once the abstract has been submitted and you have received your confirmation email.


How are presentations selected?

  1. Abstracts are judged by an independent panel including managers, clinicians, and educators.
  2. Your submission will be assessed using the prescribed headings and overall for relevance to ambulance Trusts and/or wider areas of unplanned, emergency and urgent care.


When will I hear about the outcome of my submission?

We will write to everybody, by email, on Friday 15th December 2021 with details on the outcome of their submission. The outcome email will detail (for the 5 selected) what happens next, guidance on preparing your presentation and what will happen on the day. If you are successful you will be asked for a biography and a photo at this stage.


We are only able to give information to the person who submitted the abstract.

Should you have any queries relating to your abstract then please do not hesitate to contact Julia Williams on